10 Useful Greenhouse Tips

10 Useful Greenhouse Tips

Greenhouse gardening provides many advantages that are unknown to others.However, those who are into gardening and do not want to give up in gardening for weather reasons, having a greenhouse is most like the best bet. If you are planning to get one for your lovely flowers, below are ten of the helpful tips that you can opt to follow.

Size – it is highly advisable that you get the largest that you can afford. Make the most of your garden space and choose a greenhouse that will perfectly fit in. In this way, you can easily expand your gardening activities and regulate temperature easily.

Placement – upon deciding to get a greenhouse, it is important to place it in some place of your garden that is easily accessible. Placing your greenhouse near your kids play area, near tree or building shades is a big no no.

Ventilation – it is important to keep in mind that, ventilation have to be equivalent to 1/5th of its floor area. If you happen to fail on this, chances are, you might encounter difficulties when summer comes.

Foundations – one must build his or her greenhouse with firm and solid foundation. Keeping the house mouse proof is important to prevent them from coming in.

Staging – have your greenhouse gases enough of it for you to work comfortably. If ever you need to home more, it is advisable to build your own or buy if you do not feel making one.

Electricity – while you consider accessibility when deciding the placement of it, accessibility to electricity is one of the very reasons of it. Having enough power supply to your greenhouse would surely allow you to use needed electric equipments like heaters, lights, and more.

Water Supply – providing your greenhouse enough supply of water will keep you free from the tiring carrying buckets and buckets water from your source to your greenhouse.

Heating System – when winter comes, it is important that you have the heating system in order to keep your house frost-free and eventually allow you to grow plants successfully even during the winter season.

Maintenance – cleaning your greenhouse regularly is important to keep it free from mould. Cleaning your greenhouse with warm soapy water and it will surely keep your plants inside to have enough sunlight they need.

Materials – when choosing building materials, galvanised steel is the ideal material to use. Aside from being lightweight, this material is rust-free.

Winter Greenhouse – Tips & Tricks and Guide

For those passionate about gardening (winter greenhouse), winter season can be very disheartening since they can not carry on with their favourite hobby owing to most of the plants being dead due to bone-chilling winter season. However, this is where winter greenhouse comes into view. Ever since these winter greenhouses have become a commonly available commodity in the market, these gardening-crazy souls have come out of the depression phase.

Uses Of Winter Greenhouses:

The sole purpose of a winter greenhouse is to save the plants from the harsh cold climate outside while providing the suitable temperature inside, necessary for their survival. You can grow nearly all the plants in the winter greenhouse regardless of the season, the plants are of, provided you ensure a perfect temperature inside the greenhouse, which is moderately hot. So, the predominant use of a greenhouse is that it helps you do gardening all round the year and lets you enjoy eating different types of vegetables and smell wonderful flowers even in the dead freezing winters.

Things To Consider:

By just installing a winter greenhouse does not mean that you have no more responsibility and now the plants will thrive on its own. In fact, you need to take care of quite a number of things after

setting up a winter greenhouse to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

  • Well, first of all you need to make sure the temperature inside the greenhouse is 45 degrees F which is vital for keeping the plants bloom.
  • Plus, the humidity and light present in the greenhouse also need to be checked. Plants usually require sunlight for 8 hours. So, ensure installing the greenhouse at a place where the sunlight reaches it without hindrance. However, if the region you are living in is not blessed with much sunlight during the winters, you need to provide artificial light and heat to your greenhouse. You can achieve this by installing bulbs for lighting and heaters and propane for artificial heating.
  • You have to ensure, the plants do not get infected with pests or other plant diseases. For resolving this issue, pesticide/insecticide sprays can be of immense help.
  • You have to do the artificial pollination as well in your winter greenhouse.

What Type Of Greenhouse To use?

The most common type of greenhouse being used by majority of people is the plastic greenhouse which is basically a plastic film of around 6mm thick. It is not just cheap but also effective and easy to install. You can choose the size of the winter greenhouse according to space, requirement and budget.

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